Parker Kligerman


Racecar: #92 Black’s Tire Service Ford
TV: NBC Sports Personality and Analyst
Age: 25 (August 8, 1990)
Hometown: Westport, CT

Westport, CT native Parker Kligerman has not come to the top levels of NASCAR on a typical path. Unlike many drivers who hail from a family steeped in racing tradition, Kligerman had no family ties to racing. What he had was a dream to pursue a career in motorsports, and the determination to reach the highest levels of the sport. From his humble beginnings at the local Kart tracks of Connecticut, Kligerman has achieved remarkable results since and has become one of stock car racing’s most promising young talents. Kligerman’s talent earned him a top spot in the top tier of the NASCAR Series.

Coupled with his success on track, Kligerman’s off-track accomplishments show that he’s emphatic about making the most of every opportunity. In addition to writing for Jalopnik, maintaining an active social media presence and being the only NASCAR driver to have hosted his own weekly podcast, Kligerman co-founded a company, Focus7, in 2013.

Now Kligerman is a full-time broadcaster for NBC Sports on their weekly show NASCAR America, and occasional driver analyst on the weekends. In addition, he is driving full-time in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series for Ricky Benton Racing in the #92 Ford.